Company Stores

Company Stores

Increase Your Brand Recognition

Today’s E-commerce market has opened a world of possibilities for promotional products. It is now possible for any organization to offer a company store that is full of carefully curated branded merchandise users can order from wherever they are. Of course, that doesn’t mean it is easy or straightforward. Even in the face of benefits like increased brand recognition and an additional revenue stream, running an online store puts added pressure on a lot of companies, especially if they don’t already have an e-commerce solution. Online shop creation, management, and fulfillment takes specialized knowledge. Luckily for businesses everywhere, Market USA has that knowledge, and when coupled with our superior inventory and fulfillment services, we are your one-stop solution for your company’s online merchandise store.

Get Your Own Online Merchandise Store

Here’s how we get it done.

    1. We discuss your merchandise marketing goals and overall strategy to get an idea of the vision you have for an online store.
    2. We put together a demo for you to view, and provide a basic overview of the shop and its functions.
    3. We strategize with you on the best product offerings and product pages and upload them to the platform.
    4. With our in-house fulfillment team, you’re all set to start taking orders once your store goes live.
    5. Our team provides your team with training and resources to help you navigate the platform efficiently.
    6. Market USA fulfills your orders and seamlessly develops and adds new products to your online catalog as needed.

Give our promotional products team a call today to get started on your very own online company store! After a few conversations with Market USA, you’ll be ready to start selling your branded shirts, caps, pens and journals, water bottles, and more through a seamless online experience. The product possibilities are endless and can be aligned with any of your existing promotions. Contact us today.